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Connecticut Energy Alternatives


The citizens and businesses of Connecticut are actively addressing the need to develop clean energy alternatives - alternative energy sources that will some day become our "main energy" sources over -- and hopefully -- to the elimination of fossil fuels. These energy sources will led to new technology and new products -- and perhaps -- to a more complete "stewardship" approach to our relationship with the whole planet. ~Joyworks

Connecticut's residents who are concerned about the availability of electric power energy to light, heat and cool their homes and businesses may want to learn more about the Department of Public Utility Control's (DPUC) alternative to Transitional Standard Offer (TSO) that gives Connecticut's electric consumers a clean energy choice. This alternative program, entitled CTCleanEnergyOptions, provides an environmentally friendly alternative to traditionally generated electricity.

Wind energy is a clean and inexhaustible energy source. Each year one 215-foot-tall wind turbine prevents the release of nearly 4 million pounds of CO2 which contribute to global warming. When compared to the average electric generation mix, the carbon dioxide benefit is equivalent to planting over 3,800 trees or taking 315 cars off the road each year!

Residential Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Rebate Program
Program Information for Connecticut Residents. Rebates are available of up to $25,000 per household. The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund offers rebates through designated participating installers for Connecticut residents who install solar photovoltaic systems on their homes. The program offers an incentive of $5 per Watt for system and installation costs. Homes can be one to four family residences. The incentives are available on the first 5 kW of any size system. A complete list of eligible installers is available at [Download pdf file here]

NewWind Energy®
An emission-free renewable energy certificate product supplied by newly developed state-of-the-art wind farms in the Mid-Atlantic, New York, New England and Illinois. Participant in the Connecticut Clean Energy Program. New wind turbines are the fasterst growing and most cost-effective renewable energy technology - producing electricity without fuel and with no pollution.
Contact: NewWind Energy®, 150 Strafford Avenue, Suite 210, Wayne, PA 19087, 1-866-WIND-123,

Adopt-a-Windmill Program
Your congregation, school, township, or organization can now join together to adopt your own state-of-the-art windmill! Help an adopt-a-windmill campaign reach the goal of purchasing the entire electrical output of one new state-of-the-art wind turbine! The more blocks you purchase - the more wind farms Community Energy can bring on line.
Contact: Community Energy, 150 Strafford Avenue, Suite 210, Wayne, PA 19087, 1-866-WIND-123,

Sterling Planet
Founded in 2000 and based in the Atlanta area, Sterling Planet was the nation's first company to offer every U.S. home and business a way to reduce the environmental impact of electricity that is produced by use of fossil fuels - coal, oil and natural gas. Today, Sterling Planet is the nation's leader in retail renewable kilowatt hour (kWh) sales, with nearly 2,000,000,000 kWh sold from facilities nationwide that generate electricity by using renewable fuel sources - the sun, wind, water, geothermal activity and organic bioenergy. A Connecticut Department of Utility Control licensed renewable energy supplier and a participant in the New Clean Electricity Options in Connecticut for customers of Connecticut Light & Power Company (CL&P) and The United Illuminating Company.
Contact: Sterling Planet, 3295 River Exchange Drive, Suite 300, Norcross, GA 30092, 678-325-3170, Residential customer service toll-free number: 1 877-457-2306,

For more information, download these files:
Renewable Energy Certificate (pdf file)
Major Benefits of Purchasing Renewable Energy (pdf file)
LEED® Certification Points (pdf file)

Programs for Connecticut Businesses

United Illuminating's Energy Conscious Blueprint and Energy Opportunities: The United Illuminating Company, 157 Church Street, New Haven, CT 06510, 877-WISE-USE (877-947-3873).
These UI Programs pay cash incentives to commercial and industrial customers who build energy-efficient technology into their facilities. Energy Blueprint is for new construction and renovations. Energy Opportunities is for retrofits in existing facilities. Contact Information: Roy W. Haller (203) 499-2025 - e-mail

Sterling Planet
Businesses of all sizes, from Fortune 500 corporations to small businesses, are a key customer segment for Sterling Planet. Sterling Planet provides Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to some of the largest corporations and household names, as well as small businesses. Sterling Planet tailors proposals in response to customer needs and preferences.

Connecticut Businesses Working Toward Clean Energy

First Solar Installation in Connecticut as a Result of Clean Energy Communities Program: April 20, 2006:
Middletown, CT: A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held [April 20] to celebrate the City of Middletown's success in a statewide campaign to support clean, renewable energy sources. Recent wind energy purchases by the City and Wesleyan University, which are supplied by wind energy marketer and developer Community Energy, Inc., have earned Middletown the distinction of being the first city in Connecticut to receive a new solar energy installation as a reward for their clean energy efforts. [READ FULL ARTICLE]

Geen Thazhampallath, Mayor Giuliano's Chief of Staff added, "Middletown understands that making the switch to clean energy alternatives is critical to any city's economic, environmental and health considerations. So, it goes without saying that we are proud to be the first Clean Energy Community to receive a solar installation and we look forward working with Community Energy and our residents to achieve our goal of 20% by 2010."